World liver day

Why a world liver day?

Your liver is an incredible organ, performing more than 500 vital functions, such as filtering toxins and aiding in digestion and metabolism. Yet, liver health is often overlooked. 

Each year, thousands of people are affected by liver disease. 1.5 billion people live with chronic liver disease, and 2 million lives are lost yearly.  Early prevention can save many of these lives. 

World Liver Day aims to spotlight the rising burden of liver diseases and the urgent need for concerted global action.

Beginning as a national effort in India, it has now become a worldwide movement, connecting people from every continent, including communities, doctors, and policymakers to promote liver health.


I'ts time to act now

We want to spark conversations worldwide, share helpful information, and work together on ways to lessen the impact of liver diseases, to make lives better for everyone. Join us in this important mission and let’s grow the liver-loving community! 

Get involved.