Save the date! SteatoSITE: An integrated gene-to-outcome multimodal database for MASLD

About the Seminar Series

We extend a warm welcome to the International Seminar Series on Liver Toxicity and Steatotic Liver Disease. To enhance our understanding of the subject and promote collaboration in our research endeavors, we will be hosting a series of seminars on the third Wednesday of every month.

Our inaugural seminar will take place on January 17th, starting at 16:30h-17:30h (CET). We look forward to your participation and the opportunity to delve into the intricate aspects of liver toxicity and steatotic liver disease.


SteatoSITE: An integrated gene-to-outcome multimodal database for MASLD

DATE: 17th January, at 16:30h (CET)
GUEST: Professor Jonathan Fallowfield

About the guest:

Professor Jonathan Fallowfield‘s research interests span basic science and translational/clinical studies in hepatology. Key topics include mechanisms of liver fibrogenesis and fibrosis regression; portal hypertension and hepatorenal syndrome; biomarkers (particularly imaging); and discovery/development of novel therapies for liver fibrosis, NASH and portal hypertension.

The coordinators:

Coordinators EASL DHILI Consortium: Marina Villanueva Paz & Ann Daly

Members of the Educational activities committee: Anna Licata (Italy), Jane Grove (UK), Lilliana Tartau (Romania), Irina Milisaw (Slovenia), Helena Glasova (Slovakia)

Coordinators HALT-RONIN: Francisco Javier Cubero & Joana Miranda

Certificate of attendance will be provided on request. If you know of someone who would be interested in attending this Conference, please forward this email.

Looking forward to welcoming you at this important event.