International Seminar Series on Liver Toxicity and Steatotic Liver Disease

We warmly welcome you to the International Seminar Series on Liver Toxicity and Steatotic Liver Disease. To improve our understanding of the topic and to promote collaboration in our research efforts, we will be organising a series of seminars each month.

Next week, we have a new session, on 17th April (Wednesday) from 16:30h to 17:30h (CEST). Your participation is vital to enrich the discussions, and we look forward to hearing your ideas.

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Liver Organoides for steatotic liver disease modelling: a new venue of opportunities

More about the guest

Pau Sancho-Bru is Group Leader of the Liver Cell Plasticity and Tissue Repair group at IDIBAPS, and Associate Professor at University of Barcelona. His group is conducting translational research in the field of liver diseases, investigating the role of cell plasticity in wound healing and carcinogenesis. One of the main research interests of his group is assessing the potential of stem cells for biomedical and biotechnological applications and particularly to develop 3D organotypic in vitro systems for disease modeling and drug development.

The talk will introduce the different technologies available to generate patient derived liver organoids and discuss their potential to study liver disease and drug development. It will also show the work being performed in the lab regarding the generation of patient-derived liver organoids from liver needle biopsies. Moreover, the talk will present the results we have obtained showing the potential of these organoids to reproduce patient-specific characteristics and the epithelial compartment of the liver.

The coordinators

Coordinators EASL DHILI Consortium: Marina Villanueva Paz & Ann Daly

Members of the Educational activities committee: Anna Licata (Italy), Jane Grove (UK), Lilliana Liliana Mititelu-Tartau (Romania), Irina Milisav (Slovenia), Helena Glasova (Slovakia)

Coordinators HALT-RONIN: Francisco Javier Cubero & Joana Miranda

Certificate of attendance will be provided on request. If you know of someone who would be interested in attending this Conference, please forward this email.

Looking forward to welcoming you at this important event.